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GAP 4-1002 Manuel Multi-Actuator


GAP 4-1002 Manuel Multi-Actuator

KNX is the only world wide Building Automation System standard which is competable with EN 50090. With KNX, different brands and devices found an opportunity of working together as one system. For extra needs which can appear in time KNX system is expandible. It is very easy to add different device and brands afterwards.

GAP 4-1002 The GAP manufactured by BOSMER, is a KNX device which has 4 outputs. The device works with KNX BUS 30 V DC and doesnt need extra power supply.The main function of GAP is switch and these switches can be use for individual needs such as 2 shutters and 4 switches. The parameters and changes set via ETS programme.

Device GAP 4-1002 Multi-Actuator
Power supply KNX 30 V DC
Instant consumption 12 mA
KNX Mode S-Mod
Outputs 4 channels
Max.voltage 277 V AC
Switching capacity 10 A
Mechanical life 1.000.000
Contact type Bistable – AgSnO2
Mounting method DIN Ray Mounting
Operating range -20….+70
Dimensions 158 x 90.6 x 59 mm
Heat resistance Heat-resistant


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